5 Things that Prevent You from Reaching Your Fitness Goals

We should worry about improving our health and have goals that lead us to acquire healthy habits. Perhaps this may be one of the main reasons that we all have most in common, but our quest to achieve it we will make many mistakes, perhaps many of these without realizing it! Here are five of the most common mistakes that keep us from our fitness goals.


1.) I don't have time:

How many dreams and goals have we failed due to excusing ourselves of not having the time? And behind that excuse is where fear or laziness hides. Although it is true that we live in a world that in its essence that tends to lean more towards a faster speed, there is always time for priorities, there is always time for what we want. There is always time (this applies to everything in life) but it is more of a matter of organizing our priorities. If you are really committed and passionate about something, you look for time, you get up earlier, you adjust your schedule, you re-arrange your priorities.


2.) You stopped listening to your body:

That advice to avoid perhaps certain things that prevent you from achieving a healthy body by simple willpower is being reevaluated. That willpower will not always be present and when it disappears or when you in situations beyond your control that cause you stress it is more likely to lean towards food. So, with that the first step to achieving your fitness goals is to reconcile with your body and learn to listen for signals like hunger and satiety. When you have learned and grasped the concept behind this this, you can achieve a lifestyle!


3.) If it's not all I don't want it!

Starting an exercise routine without taking into account your level and abilities, as well as having a restrictive diet will quickly take you away from your goals and focuses. Since they are not sustainable habits over time, you will quickly abandon them, you will feel frustrated and probably not want to return to them and try them again. And don't get me wrong. It is a good thing to choose routines at the gym or physical activity that challenges you, but that challenge must be a progressive one and led by an expert. It is very good that you want a caloric deficit in your diet, but that deficit must be progressive and supervised by a professional. Otherwise in addition to abandoning your goals and even your motivation, you can also have serious health consequences.


4.) Rest to recharge

If people understood the real importance of resting and sleeping the right hours, surely, we would be as strict with our sleep hours as we are with the hours of training. Sleeping does not mean simply “disconnecting” for a few hours from the real world, sleeping comes with a very important internal process, so much that I would dare to say that it is in fact one of the most important secret weapons in order to achieve our goals! How much you sleep, and rest is super important that even your hormones work in a better way and this translates into being able to listen to the signals of your body better. These signals such as hunger and satiety, also helps combat stress, which is another great enemy to healthy bodies… this will allow your muscles to recover which will cause you to be in a better mood and feel reenergized!


5.) 60 vs 24

Another of the big mistakes we make is to believe that with 60 minutes of exercise we can compensate for all disasters. Exercising should not be seen as a way to compensate for a bad meal in the first place, taking into account that if you plan to achieve a style healthier life those 60 minutes of exercise should be something you enjoy, that amuses you and not feel like an obligation for compensation. In addition, 60 minutes a day vs 24 hours a day will not have a real impact if you do not improve your habits. For example, someone who is active in their day to day life but does NOT go to the gym for 1 hour is more beneficial than someone who goes to the gym for 1 hour and sits the rest of the day or stays on the sofa. Make sure you are taking into account your habits but that will be a real game changer to living a healthier lifestyle! 

And now I am going to ask you ... how many of these mistakes have you made or are making in this very moment? There is always room for improving and above all to create habits that are truly sustainable over time and provide you with health and well-being. The time is now let’s all act together in making sure we aren’t falling into these excuses!