5 Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Did you know that recently Google searches for symptoms related to anxiety and panic attacks is the highest in the last 16 years? This based on data from the Qualcomm Institute of the University of California in San Diego.

Mental health is a topic that has begun to be talked about more (as it should be and should be normalized), although many people refer to it more naturally, it continues to be an absurd taboo for many others, feeling anxious, depressed or having a mental illness is a reality. For this reason, I think we should normalize talking about this, understand that it is not crazy who suffers from this, but who is so blind as not to seek professional help when deemed necessary. That is why today we bring you 5 tips to improve your mental health (according to psychologists).


We usually dedicate the most productive hours of the day to doing work for others, doing our job, making calls, home care, making breakfast for our family, going to the bank, etc... we dedicate our effort and our time to fulfill what we should, leaving ourselves completely aside, we feel that we deserve very little time of our day, and that only the time that you “spare” you give to yourself. When you prepare a dinner for someone else, you put all your effort and attention to detail, to make a nice plate, you make sure there is a balance of flavors, there is space for dessert, there are fresh flowers on the table… but at the end it is also YOUR dinner… We should also reserve time for ourselves. It’s time to make yourself, your most special company, when this becomes a habit, you will have strengthened your self-love so much that you will automatically have improved your mental health.


Keep your surroundings always neat, have you ever heard the phrase "tidy up your house to tidy up your mind"? Well, many psychologists say that a messy home can cause lack of concentration, anxiety, sleep problems and fatigue. But we are not talking about just having your desk clean, we are talking about making your bed every morning, cleaning up the dust, taking out the trash, etc. When you get used to maintaining a clean and tidy environment, you are saving a lot of time and stress and the rest of the tasks that you must do during the day will be much easier.
PRO TIP. It allows air to circulate and to have adequate lighting.


Leading a too routine life can lead you to feel frustrated, psychologists recommend doing something different every day, and it is not about climbing a new mountain every day, little things make a difference, take a different path home, try a new kind of coffee, make a different cake, do a crossword puzzle, learn words in a new language, relocate your room. Breaking your routine, in addition to taking you to an unimaginable world of new things, will allow you to have a broader perspective of your life.
PRO TIPO: If you try to do things that generate insecurities or fears, you will realize when you overcome it that you are invincible and that approaching and conquering those things will give you more security in your actions.


As you may have noticed, eating and sports are a constant tip in these blogs, and it is that it brings countless benefits to lead a healthy life, but for this case, eating food with real ingredients that contribute to our body and avoiding others like alcohol and drugs will allow you to stay mentally better. Everything we eat generates an internal response and it depends on us what information we want to give to our body and mind. On the other hand, moving and staying active will make you feel more vital, allows energy movement and improves your body composition.


It is no secret to anyone that currently social networks play a fundamental place in people's lives, in fact, now they are an important tool for organizations and companies who constantly advertise the users. Many studies have linked the use of social networks with increases in cases of depression and stress in people, and it is that many times we forget that everything that is shown in networks has an intention and is only a very small percentage of real life of people. In addition to this, social networks create unrealistic expectations regarding life, health, and how to look physically, for this we must limit the use of these and be aware that their use could be affecting it more than we think. If you feel that disconnecting yourself from networks is a very difficult step to take, there are currently several applications that allow you to dose your consumption.
PRO TIP: Stop following those accounts that generate mental stress and surround yourself with accounts that inspire and motivate you to be your best version and not a copy of someone else.

How many of these tips are you already applying?
Remember that mental health is as important as physical health