DIY Holiday GIFT Ideas

The Christmas and holiday spirit are finally here, you can feel in the air that you breathe a certain aroma of familiarity that transports you to memories of family reunions, grandmother's desserts, pajamas, and ugly sweaters. Christmas is a time that undoubtedly steals many smiles from us, but Christmas 2020 will surely be more special than any other, perhaps because of the circumstances. Perhaps because something that we believed is asleep has been reborn in our soul, but I feel that this year we will be able to enjoy more the little things, the small meetings, the homemade dinners, the talks with the grandparents, the freshly baked cookies, and why not the gifts made by ourselves, which in addition to saving us money, we will be able to give them much more personality and they will reflect things that we surely won't find in a store window, that's why I wanted to leave you with 5 gift ideas that you can make yourself on a low budget:


On these special dates, it is very common that we receive invitations to eat or organize our dinners, but I think there is no better year than this year to do something like this! Gift a kit to prepare a special dessert or recipe at home. As well as being a very interactive activity that can involve several members of the family, you can spend memorable moments at home without having to go to crowded places. For this gift, you only need to put in a creative way ready mixes, chocolate chips, cinnamon, and everything you need for your recipe. For this, you can use a mason jar or boxes or containers. If you want to make an even more elaborate gift, you can give that special person all the necessary ingredients to make some delicious cocktails or a more elaborate dinner like a paella. Virtual dinners have become a new thing especially with the circumstances we are living in. This is another way to enjoy this gift with a family member or friend that might not be able with you during the holidays this year. You could organize a live or pre-recorded class virtually and enjoy a unique experience in the comfort of your home.
Extra Tip: be sure to check off each ingredient that you add to the recipe, and make sure nothing is missing other than kitchen items.


If you are looking to gift an experience, this is an excellent idea that will get you out of trouble, you can print or craft a ticket or gift vouchers. This will allow the person that you gift this to decide when they want to redeem this gift, you can get creative with the gifts that you will give in the vouchers. Here are some ideas that would be great: a voucher for a massage, a voucher for a romantic dinner, a voucher for a picnic, voucher for a pizza night. The best part is that it does not have to be just a gift, you can gather several experiences, like a DIY gift booklet.


We know that with the holidays comes lots of food and drinks that are present in many of our social gatherings, however, when the new year arrives, we propose new goals within which we tend to be healthier. For this reason, a healthy basket is a good push that will tell that special person that we support them in their goals. The options are endless, you can include healthy edible products such as 2FIT Protein Bars, artisan bread, dark chocolates, you can also include sports-related accessories such as elastic bands, jump rope, sports gloves, etc. We encourage you all to support your local small businesses with this basket. Creating a healthy basket while supporting local businesses is the perfect gift.

4. Ugly sweaters:

This tradition that is becoming more and more popular in places like Latin America, the idea of having sweaters that refer to the holidays can be a good idea too. This is a great way to relax and have a night where you don’t have to think too much about a dressing up outfit night. But even better than having a comfy sweater why not making it a DIY activity that you can enjoy with your family and friends. In addition to being a nice memory for the people with whom you share these holidays, you only need a sweater (maybe a white, green, red, or gold) and add fun patches or holiday decorations, to make it even more personalized you can print the names of your family. Again, this can be an activity that can be gifted or as an activity done in person or virtual with your family and friends. Get creative… make them unique!

5. Candles with hidden gifts:

Gifting a candle but with a little added flare! Besides being a gift that is perfect for the holidays, it is a gift that enchants many. Why not make your candles with a hidden special gift inside your candle. Some ideas to add to as a hidden item could be a jewel, crystal, or a letter, you just have to make sure to hide them inside a wax-resistant packaging, there are many tutorials to make candles on the internet, we leave you one of our favorites.

Remember that the magic of Christmas is in sharing with the people we love the most and not forgetting those who need us.

Happy Holidays from 2FIT!