How To Maintain Your Energy Elevated In 2021

January, a month where the vibes are full of energy to fulfill our purposes, we feel motivated by the new year. We want to adopt new habits and improve in all aspects of our life.
I have always thought that January has a form of magical energy. If January were a day of the week, it would be a “Monday”. It screams the phrase on “Monday I'll start the diet”, but the months pass, and the motivation disappears, and we end in “another year” waiting for the new one to arrive. Let’s fulfill our purposes. Why don't we make this year the best year of our lives? Now that you feel motivated it is your time to shine! And here we are dropping some secrets to keep your energy high throughout the year.


1. The pillow, your best friend:

You have probably heard about the importance of sleeping 7-8 hours per night. I want to dive a little deeper and talk to you about something even more important, the quality of your sleep. You probably have noticed at some point in your life that there are nights where you might not sleep a ton in one night but, the hours you do sleep you might wake up particularly with more energy and renewed and this may be due to the sleep phases (Awake- REM- LIGHT- DEEP). Very surely that night you spent a good amount of your sleep in the DEEP phase.
EXTRA TIP: if you want to know about the phases of your sleep, most smartwatches monitor these measurements. If you have one of these watches you can check the statistics, the average time in the DEEP phase is around 20% of our total sleep hours.

2. Meditate without sitting in the lotus flower position:

I am telling you this, so you do not think that I am talking about sitting dressed in all white and having your mind go blank. Meditating is about looking inside, listening to your thoughts and letting them pass, finding calm from within with whatever gives you peace. Meditating can be praying, meditating can be painting, thanking, or lying on your sofa and playing soft music. Do not worry about time. If you think that meditating 3-5 minutes a day will not bring you benefits, the news is that it WILL benefit you, and above all, it will become a very good habit.
EXTRA TIP: There are a lot of different kinds of guided mediation that will help you get started on YouTube. I also recommend the Headspace Guide to Meditation (Netflix), it goes through the benefits of mediating, who doesn't love a Netflix show.

3. Move your body, as well as your energy:

Have you noticed that the days when you move the most are the ones filled with the most energy? It seems contradictory but, moving motivates us to continue moving and, in this way, you will maintain high energy. On the contrary, the days we don't get out of bed we find it is difficult for us to even go to the fridge, don't get me wrong having a relaxing day if you need one is important, listen to your body. What I am trying to say is that we should try to include most of your day by incorporating exercise or your favorite hobby that involves moving, if possible, during the morning.

4. Coldwater bath:

You either love it or hate them. I know... but before you say a resounding NO, let me tell you that by taking a cold shower you will be stimulating the nerve endings of your skin, making your frequency heart rate and your heart racing... some compare it to the feeling of having a good cup of coffee. It helps provide mental clarity. So next time even try it out and be mindful during your coldwater bath or shower.

5. Make a checklist:

To many of us (some without knowing it) small practices such as making a checklist, brings great benefits. By crossing out each activity you do, you will feel like you are accomplishing your goals and you will be more focused and motivated to complete your list. Make that checklist! Make sure you are prioritizing and also include some “ME TIME” because you are a priority!

6. Be who you want to be:

Act the way you visualize yourself. Do you want to be successful? Start acting like one, convince your mind that you are already a truly successful person, that you can achieve everything you set your mind to, and that you have the world at your feet!

Now that you know these tips! What are you waiting for? It is time to join us because 2021 will in fact be the best year of our lives.