How To Welcome The Holiday Season

2020 has been one of the most difficult years in the world, without a doubt, it is a year that revolutionized history! It has made us rethink many things, in my case, it made me rethink my priorities and how I appreciate things, especially the little things in life like hugging a loved one.

First of all, HAPPY DECEMBER 1ST! The holiday season is starting which means one of my favorite times of the year begins. Although in many (if not all) parts of the world, the holiday season is going to look a little different due to the restrictions, capacity limits, changes of all kinds, but that does not mean that the holiday cheer has to be different! The holiday spirit will continue and we will still be jolly! I am sure that this Christmas we will appreciate the company of our loved ones (whether that means together or virtual), the dinners at home, and we will be able to do all those things in a fun but very creative way!

Which leads me to main point of this blog, I want to share with you some tips and tricks that will help you welcome this years holidays:

1. Choose the place early

If you are one of the people who enjoy Christmas dinner in hotels or restaurants, remember to make your reservations in advance, choose open and wide spaces where you are guaranteed to be comfortable and safety, remember to check the regulations of the state/country you are into know exactly what the capacity and protocols are that are being followed. If you are interested, ask for pet-friendly options to bring your furry friends along.
An alternative option is to turn your home into entirely new place! This is where we can get creative! Perhaps, having each room in your house be a different theme (countries, holiday movies, etc.). Perhaps order food from your favorite restaurant and enjoy it at home! 

Booking in advance will allow you to choose tables with better ventilation and access. Make sure to check for local businesses in your area to see what kind of holiday menu items they have in store for you!

2. Petit comité

This French expression translates to my ideal Christmas plan, a much more intimate celebration, and also perfect for these times, being a more personalized celebration, details will be the key.

A good idea for this type of meeting is that each person brings a food item to share, it is a way to keep everyone involved and to surprise the other guests with different dishes.

3. Virtual celebrations 

In some countries like Spain and the United States, “white elephant” or “Secret Santa” is usually popular during the holidays. A nice tradition where you have to give a gift to someone who comes out at random, they usually meet somewhere or mail them right to the person as a surprise...

This year you can do it virtually, there are websites that allow you to pick names virtually and let your friends and family add wishlists directly on the page that can allow gifts to be sent directly to that persons house. Meeting via zoom is a great way that will allow everyone to partake wherever they are! 

4. Plan your outfit

It depends on the plan you choose, cute holiday pajamas to a beautiful red dress with heels, it is about being creative and adjusting to the reality you are in.

If you have dinner at home, a nice gift for your friends and family could be matching pajamas. Throw in some DIY props to take photos for memories!

5. Holiday music

There is nothing that gets us into a better mood than music! It's time to get jolly and liven up those zoom meetings and relive beautiful songs for this it is important to plan the music according to your tastes.

Here's a Spotify list with very Christmas music that I personally enjoy

6. Family project

Having a family project that seeks to helps the community in need is the best will make for great holiday cheer! Also if you do it as a family it will be the best gift they will have this Christmas, when we commit to non-profit causes, we find the true happiness of giving.

An idea is to make gifts and prepare dinners to distribute to people in need. 

7. Make a shopping list for your gifts

At this time of year excessive advertising and distractions are all over the web, if you previously have a list of what you need to buy, you will avoid spending on unnecessary things.

Now a days buying online will have more discounts than in physical stores, many businesses are promoting and giving great benefits avoiding crowds in physical stores, however, do not forget to check the merchandise exchange policies.

8. DIY gifts 

DIY gifts can also be much more emotional and personalized fun, gifts are not measured by their economic value but by the meaning behind the gift.

Knowing the person you want to surprise will allow you to know in which DIY project to tackle for their gift: for example, you can do from personalized shirts, videos with special moments, pictures or paintings, serenades, scrapbook, date in a box…. Be creative!

9. What to eat?

These dates are pure inspiration, so recreating your family's traditional recipes will be a fantastic idea, you can achieve a balance and make your favorite desserts more healthily.

Tune into Nathalia's kitchen and cook with us! We are bringing different some holiday recipes that can help you get inspired this holiday season!