Important Dates and Fitness

Special dates (if we are lucky) will always be present in our lives. We will have birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or a "simple" Friday meeting with childhood friends, and these are moments that fill us with memories and connect us with real life. They keep us socially active and give us thousands of excuses to hug, kiss, and hang out with the people around us .... if this is so, why is there fear of these dates? Every time a big celebration like Christmas or Thanksgiving approaches, we start to see miles of and blogs where they give us guidelines to make the right choices and to stay on top of our weight and don't get me wrong, there are definitely the " healthier” options when it comes to selecting food from a buffet for example. But when the subject of food becomes more important than enjoying the event, I feel that the purpose of the event in the first place has been lost. Food helps feed our body, gives us energy, it has to do physical and chemical processes of our body, interferes with our mood and emotions, it is definitely also a social factor, thousands of stories around a table occur in every corner of the world! And why miss out on this?

When you were a child and listened to your body, you didn't need guidelines or an application to track your macros, you just knew when to stop eating, and you didn't devour all the cookies like there was no tomorrow, on the contrary, when it comes to restrictive diets and giving so much power to the controlling factor, in a certain way you lose control, you no longer know how to listen to hunger and satiety signals and you devour a whole jar of cookies without any kind of self-control, or you prefer not to try a single one.

Alcohol (as we have discussed in previous blogs is nothing more than empty calories that do not bring benefits to your body) and cakes with oatmeal and stevia have more nutritional benefits than one full of sugar, but ... are you going to avoid these on a special occasion? Life is all about balance ... and what really is important is what you do most of your time, differently if you think to eat and drink everything they put on you without any conscience, I assure you that when you start to release the thoughts that go on in your head regarding categorizing and naming “good” or healthy foods vs bad or unhealthy foods, you will have more control over your decisions. This is because it is no longer something that is being taken away from you and that is almost a reward for you, it is something you have whenever you want and that you consciously decide to consume with a balance in your life.

So, my advice to you is that you mentally also matters, that achieving a lifestyle that suits your needs (which includes meetings and special dates) is what will lead you to be mentally and physically stronger! Because yes, even allowing yourself to be happy you will also see results.

The next time you are afraid of a meal on a special date, think ... is that food really causing me harm (for example if you are celiac), I want to restrict myself from that food because I would feel guilty when consuming it (rethink that and check it under the magnifying glass of the balance) or I don't really feel the desire to consume or drink a certain thing (you listen to your body and denial comes from conscience and from love).

The word “fitness” definitely has many meanings, and these meanings can vary drastically from person to person, it is a concept that has evolved (especially in recent years). However, if we widely accepted all the definitions, the Cambridge Dictionary would define fitness as the condition of being physically strong and healthy. A definition perhaps very far from what many can understand today as fitness, it is not about squares in the abdomen or large muscles with very little fat percentage and those conditions are not always the most optimal for the body when it comes to being physically strong and healthy. For me personally, I love this definition, I would just add the word mental health to the description. A description that involves the physical and mental aspect (areas in which all human beings move) would be, for me, the most accurate description of fitness.