Staying Present Is The Best Present

Gifts, bright lights, discounts, shopping (online or in stores), dinners, euphoria, joy, sadness, memories…. Thousands of feelings and emotions that we can experience that surround the holidays, and it is beautiful but can also be CHAOTIC. That is why we must give our mind the calm and check ins it needs. What our mind thinks our body manifests, and this is the reason why our body and our mind will always go hand in hand… These dates are subjected to so many emotions (especially in 2020) it is normal for our body to relay all that stress with body aches.

5 Mindfulness Tips for Holidays

1. Attention to detail:

How does it feel to unwrap a present, how does it sound? What does your grandmother's favorite dessert smell like? What is the secret ingredient? How does it feel to give a hug with a warm sweater? How long does your mother take to make her famous turkey? Does your family grow their own vegetables or what are your go to vegetables? How do your fingers feel when you touch the snow while making snowman? what is your go to perfume or cologne? …… no matter how old you are, the holidays season is something that we all have lived through, but perhaps you have lived these dates year after year in automatic mode/mindset. This is the perfect time to live being in the present, experience, and enjoy every little detail! Pay attention to what is important, even if the traditions have been going on for years paying attention to detail will make these dates even more special and you will be more attentive to what really matters.

2. Meditate with an intention not just a blank mind:

You have probably heard the thousands of benefits that meditating has, but perhaps it has brought the idea that meditating is about just having a blank mind, staying still for a long time and sitting in lotus flower position. But in reality, that is NOT what we want to aim for. Meditating is all about being mindful, being present, and setting intentions. It is about connecting with our unconscious side, reestablishing connection with your interior, and for this there are no rules, it is not about putting your mind blank. To accept the thoughts that come to you, embrace them, and let them pass, feel relaxed, feel that sensation of pleasure and well-being. Meditating can also mean praying (regardless of the religion you have) it can be laying in a meadow or be sitting on the bench in your favorite park, or it can be mentally sitting in the house where you grew up in, meditating is what gives you that peace of mind and tranquility inside. I want to challenge you to try it out if you haven’t or mediate throughout your day. Let’s be present and mediate!


3. Say goodbye to false expectations:

The holiday season goes beyond a television advertisement. Many times, we want to stick to what society tells us about how-to specific go about living during these dates. If our reality is not close to the advertisements, we get frustrated and we feel disappointed. Let’s change that and get away from false expectations and create our own space and perfectly imperfect situations!


4. Time out:

Many of us know that the holidays are all about spending time with friends and family, but it can also seem like constant scheduling for everything. I want to remind you that blocking out time for yourself is important during these times too! Let’s schedule free time for these dates, time that we can enjoy, where only our tastes and preferences matter, disconnecting from our cell phone and being with ourselves is great therapy.



5. Experiment with your senses:

One of the techniques to be more present is to take advantage of our senses to discover new feelings, listen to Christmas music, dance in an improvised way, cook with new aromas and try new flavors will make this Christmas a unique date. Disconnect to reconnect ...