What Happens To Your Body When You Don't Consume Sugar?

First of all, you should know that in the world the word "sugar" has infinite names and its effects on health vary radically depending on the type that is chosen. So first we must identify them to be able to know which ones we should avoid to a greater degree and understand where it comes from


It is the main source of energy for the body, this type of sugar is acquired naturally through fruits, vegetables, cereals, and legumes.


In its natural form it is found in fruits, some vegetables, and honey.


Also known as table sugar and comes from sugar cane. Mostly common to sweeten food products. This is where white sugar and brown sugar come from.


Known as milk sugar, it's correct absorption the presence of the lactose enzyme in the intestine is necessary, hence why so many people are intolerant to it.


Comes from the grains of barley, is found in molasses, and is used for fermentation. It is present in some beers, citrons, and kombucha.

I know that all the different names can be confusing, and this is a confusion that many industries take advantage of to deceive their consumers. But now that we have a bigger picture of the situation, we can focus on the benefits that can be obtained by reducing the consumption of sugar.


The 4 biggest benefits you get from reducing sugar:

  1. Strong heart: You will protect your heart, as they could reduce the risks of suffering a heart attack
  2. Healthy body, healthy mind: Helps control your digestion and your mental health. It will help you be in better moods and although we believe that by consuming a product full of sugar, we will obtain happiness, the truth behind is that excessive consumption of sugar is associated with higher risks of depression.
  3. Eternal youth: By cutting sugar in your diet it can help promote the production of collagen avoiding premature aging.
  4. You could lose weight in a much healthier way: Consuming excess sugar can generate an addiction, which leads you to consume more food (usually cravings), when you cut sugar you improve your mind-body relationship and you will be able to distinguish better signals like satiety.


But if cutting sugar from our diets has so many benefits why do so few people do it? The answer is simple: consuming sugar generates addiction, which generates a compulsive impulse in the brain that encourages us to consume more.


In other words, consuming sugar generates the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, which gives the body a certain feeling of happiness. These chemical changes give us a false sense of well-being to which we become addicted.




Now, if you already have the firm intention of improving your eating habits, you will have heard that there are ways to "replace" the sweet sensation of sugar with other products, but this is where you should pay close attention, because those small envelopes that you know as ZERO CALORIES, they are NOT natural, they are full of chemicals which, in the long run, fulfill the same function as sugar, generate addition and you will again enter the vicious circle of false well-being and a greater need for the consumption of sweet products.


But two natural options can contribute to making reducing or cutting the sugar you consume more friendly, they are known as MONKFRUIT and STEVIA, they come from fruit and a plant respectively. Being 100% natural will lead to them not to contain chemicals that will eventually accustom your palate to more sweetness.


As always, I am far from extremist ideas and I believe that what most impacts our health are habits, foods, and thoughts that prevail throughout our day. We occasionally consider consuming certain products with processed sugar. Be aware, although they will not bring real benefits to our body, they could be part of a social event or simply a pleasure.


Far from a world full of sugar, there is also a world with desserts, bread, pancakes, and almost everything you can imagine, it is only a matter of choosing the correct ingredients when preparing your next creations.


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