Where Are My Abs?

Do you regularly train, swim, run, ride your bike? Do you eat a "healthy" diet, do you sleep enough, do tend to not consume sugar, and still do not have abs? ...


This is one of the most common questions that people who like to train ask ourselves, and also one of the most coveted attributes. And as the most desired, also the scarcest, because different from what you see in the world of Instagram, only a small percentage of the population really has abs.


But ... why is it so difficult to achieve them? Seeing super defined abs requires having a fairly low percentage of fat and in the case of women even more because genetically we are predisposed to store more fat due to factors such as female sex hormones, which comes with way more perseverance, dedication, and sacrifice…


In addition to the above, the lower levels of fat that the body must reach are not always the healthiest, and even more so considering that if you want to maintain those abs, you must stay on that regimen for as long as you want to have them. However, not having a chocolate bar at all does not mean that you cannot achieve strong and toned abs, having a healthier percentage of fat you can achieve a healthy and sustainable body over time.


We are leaving you with some tips that will help you achieve your goals and a special gift at the end of this blog:


100% and 100%

If you ever heard that to have a toned abdomen you needed to follow the rule "80% 20%" that is to say 80% food and 20% training, let me tell you that you should re-evaluate it. The true proportion is 100% and 100%, the exercise you do is just as important as taking care of your diet. It is so important that both go hand in hand because our bodies will play in favor of the food with which we nourish our body (including muscles). You will also contribute to promoting a lifestyle with which you feel comfortable, with which you ingest the number of calories necessary for your body but at the same time, you are able to enjoy and can go through different stages, all balanced of course.


Strengthening our abs

The first thing you should know is that the classic CRUNCH is not the only or the best exercise that exists for our abs. You should know that you do NOT only work your abdomen with exercises focused on abs because training the vast majority of the body we are involving strengthening the core without even realizing it.


Harvard says so...

In its special health report, Core Exercise, Harvard University mentions that nothing works as well as dynamic pattern routines or the so-called planks to tone and define the abdomen. They also mention that doing this type of exercise also works the back and the glutes. This is why you should consider focusing on these types of exercises when you want to do focused exercise.


This is another big question, and fortunately or unfortunately it does not have a final answer, at the end of the day what will count is a sum of all the daily work, how much you move, if you do any weight training, your percentage of fat and muscle, how active is your daily work, what quantity and quality of calories you consume in the day, for this the answer will be specific for each person, because WITH or WITHOUT cardio, depending on the circumstances you can have a strong abdomen and defined.


If you are determined to strengthen your abdomen and commit to your change, we want to invite you to join our next challenge 7 days sugar-free, 7 days super abs where we will create our best version together and apply all the advice in this blog.