Why Are Non-Vegans Choosing Vegan Snacks?

Why are Non-Vegans choosing Vegan snacks?


You may have recently heard that a greater number of people are concerned about reducing their consumption of animal protein and in exchange they are substituting several of their foods for plant-based protein foods ... but why is this? If both are proteins, what is the difference? Let’s dive deep into this topic in a very simple way.


We all need protein:

Proteins are essential for the body, and no, they are not only necessary for those who want large and defined muscles... did you know that proteins can influence:

  • Antibodies, they can help strengthen the immune system (yes, they literally can help you not to get sick)
  • Hormonal proteins are messenger proteins that help coordinate certain bodily functions.
  • Helps boost your metabolism
  • It is your ally when it comes to recovering from an injury or surgery as they are the main basis for the formation of new tissues
  • Structural proteins are fibrous and stringy, this formation making them ideal for supporting various other proteins such as keratin, collagen, and elastin

Healthline has an article that highlights amazing benefits. 

Now that you have more of a clear picture, you can understand why proteins go beyond muscles. Let's keep going....


Leaving aside the topic of being vegan or not, nutritionally speaking both sources of protein (both animal and plant protein) have benefits and both have disadvantages. Some more tolerable than others, for example it is said that animal protein is "more complete” by including all the essential amino acids and that leads to obtaining a greater number of protein per serving, which may be easier than with plant protein. But on the other hand, many of the animal proteins are rich in fat and cholesterol in addition to being difficult to digest. On the contrary, plant protein is free of cholesterol and saturated fats, in addition to also being rich in fibers, vitamins and antioxidants. This also leads to it being easier to digest which doesn’t create an overload to the liver. As for what is said about being plant protein being an "incomplete proteins", this is a myth that science has been able to sustain. However, there has currently been mentions that by combining certain foods the total amount of amino acids can be achieved even in plant-based proteins and sometimes can lead to achieving a greater presence.


The real reason:


With that being said, what is the reasoning for a non-vegan to choose snacks that contain plant-based protein? Obviously, in their desire to counteract the negative effects of animal protein, they look for alternatives that continue to provide them with the benefits of protein, but BEWARE, choosing a vegan snack does not always mean choosing a healthier alternative.


For example, when choosing a vegan protein bar, you should look at:

  • The amount of protein it provides. It is more difficult to obtain the amount of protein per serving (compared to animal protein) but it is important that it has a healthy intake. 2FIT Brands gives you 13g of protein per bar, that is, a little more than what 2 whole eggs would give you.
  • The quality of protein and food combinations, for example our 2FIT Vanilla Crunch flavor has organic cashew butter and pea protein as its main ingredients, this guarantees an ideal combination of foods (nuts and legumes) promoting a protein with greater amount of essential amino acids.



As you can see, it is possible to obtain all the benefits of consuming plant-based protein by choosing the CORRECTLY vegan snacks! 

That is why we motivate you to eat a balanced and delicious diet and for us at 2FIT BRANDS it would be an honor to be part of your journey!