Nathalia and Marcela are the 2 in 2FIT! Their journey began in 2017 right in their kitchens. They wanted to create a product that could be something that gave you that warm sense of being right at home and that you take anywhere. They took time in creating each 2FIT Protein Bar with quality ingredients and perfectly balanced nutrients. Do you really know if what you buy is really healthy or if the thoughts/actions that go into creating that product are thought out? Or does it just have a good marketing campaign? They had those exact same questions along with many others, they also knew that what they were looking for was not in the market. So, Nathalia and Marcela decided to CREATE IT!

2FIT BRANDS creates a community to inspire and promote healthy lifestyles.

Their passion for fitness and health is what inspired them to create a Vegan & Gluten-Free protein bar.


That's when both founders knew it was time to make it happen.
"The 2FIT movement gives you the information that nobody wants you to know but what we should all know. A movement that puts you on the other side of the industry, in which you can count on. One that you choose and you know what you buy and what you are eating. One that is out of this world! We are starting a succession of good deeds, delivering the best of ourselves for all of you to try and enjoy our products! Join us and let's start to feed our souls and bodies what it deserves!" 
Nat & Marce