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M.C. & N.R.

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Fav protein bars

These bars rock. The flavor is so good, texture is great, and love they are made in the USA. Them being vegan is a plus too.

Amazingly Unique

So I tried the vanilla crunch and I was not expecting it to be this good! Absolutely amazing and delicious 😋
Oh and super healthy too! This is my go to snack from now on!
By far my favourite protein bars company and flavours

Delicious & Healthy!

These protein bars are absolutely delicious!
For a vegan protein bar(s).....these flavors are amazing! Both Vanilla Crunch and Chocolate Peanut Butter are very good! I will definitely continue to buy these bars! Great job!

2FIT Sample Pack (4 Count)
Arielle Freedman

Taste like cement


I rely upon protein bars as a daily nutritional supplement. I opened the first bar to be quite excited by the texture. I’m a fan of mushy squishy bars I can punch a bit off to graze off and these fit the bill. The textures of both work for me.

The nutritional breakdown also passes my needs with just a bit more carb than protein and fat grams. Each with just 190 kcal, they both have 13 grams of protein. The sodium is just 6% in Vanilla and 5% in Chocolate PB.

Almost every company makes a Chocolate PB flavored rendition, so my hopes to love the Vanilla flavor were quite high, too high? Personally, I seek out new bars from time to time mostly for different or unique flavor profiles. Essentially, that’s why I ordered the 2Fit trial pack. Unfortunately, I preferred the Chocolate PB to the Vanilla bar.

While I would buy the PB Choc at a store on occasion, I wouldn’t go out of my way to order a box simply because I’m seeking novelty.

Had I been blind folded, I wouldn’t guess both bars were produced by the same company as the Vanilla does have the quintessential chalky, malty protein powder taste. Perhaps the addition of almond or cinnamon flavor would mask this well.

2FIT Sample Pack (4 Count)
Garrett Schweiker

The peanut butter was great. Vanilla was not

2FIT Sample Pack (4 Count)
James J Croft III
Almost there

These bars seem so close to being exceptional. The nutritional macros and ingredients are excellent.
The taste is a bit too much on the dry side. I feel they need to be a bit more moist, and it wouldn't hurt to have a bit stronger peanut butter taste. If you take the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor and compare it to the new Zing Keto Peanut Butter Cookie Dough flavor, that would be a good target. Zing also started out a bit on the dry side and they made a few changes and they are not moist and delicious. Your bars are very similar to where theirs started. With a small tweak in moistness I think your bar would be fantastic. I hope you get it there.
I'm rooting for you! - James

2FIT Sample Pack (4 Count)
William Harrison
Good Taste

The vanilla crunch and chocolate peanutbutter bars were tastey. I enjoyed both.
I likely will be purchasing these bars frequently. Thanks.


LOVE 2FIT!!! The protein bars are delicious and I appreciate their careful consideration of the ingredients used. Both flavors are delicious and a perfect snack or energy boost. Highly recommend both flavors, but I extra love the vanilla crunch bars :yum:

LOVE best nutritional facts

So yummy and healthy. Perfect for on the go and peanut butter chocolate is my favorite favour.

My Go-To Snack!

These bars are everything I need to get through my day! Yummy and healthy is a must on my list- I really like the intention behind the brand of adding natural and whole ingredients into these bars. Sweet enough for dessert and nutritious enough to get me through my hot pilates class. 2 FIT is everything! And they're gluten-free so no bloating- yassss

LOVE 'em

LOVE 'em